Ellie The Lurcher

Ellie is a very special Bedlington-cross Lurcher bitch. She came to us as a rescue dog, whose previous human family came from somewhere near Halifax in Yorkshire. She was fostered and stationed in Rutlandshire where Pippa found her through an advertisement on Lurcher Link. Within a few days Ellie was living with us in southern Gloucestershire in the heart of the Beaufort Country. The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair tells Ellie's story - we hope you enjoy it!

The gallery on this page shows a selection of pictures of Ellie through her life. In many cases they will be pictures of events described in the book The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair, which will help you visualise the scene that Pippa so vividly describes in her text.

Ellie is a real character and so full of expression. These pictures will help give you an insight into her character, which has been so descriptively written about in the book.