Our Story

Pippa White is the owner and designer of Ellie White.

She has 25 years of experience in the faux-flower trade, having been an importer and designer (Ascalon Design), Retailer (Ascalon Home in Clifton, Bristol), Wholesaler and now Online Retailer.

Ellie White is her latest venture and is geared towards the luxury gift market both retailing and wholesaling. She grew up in South Gloucestershire and has lived most of her life here, other than the statutory years in London, New York, (JP Morgan) and Cambridge.

Having lived both sides of the Severn, she is now based in the southern Cotswolds between Tetbury and Malmesbury.

Drawing inspiration for the flowers and gifts from the gardens and hills and hedgerows of Gloucestershire and the Highlands, her designs and writing celebrate the surrounding countryside and way of life.

Pippa enjoys writing, reading, dogs, gardening, interiors, and above all the flowers. She has been a charity fundraiser for many years with different charities. She cannot remember a time when a garden space was not the one of the most important elements of her life and she was not learning about flowers – which always have something to give and restore even the weariest heart.

Pippa White