Dog Book - The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair

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The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is a book by Pippa White, which tells many tales of the adventures of the Lurchers she has owned. This dog book is amusing and full of fun. Perfect for people of all ages.


About The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair

Ellie White is a beautiful, bossy, bouncy and extremely clever Lurcher who takes over most of the bed, knows her rights and talks better English than any other dog around. The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is the first in a series of books about dogs.

But things were not always like that: Ellie’s human family split up when she was little and she was fostered, before a Google Search and Lurcher Link secured her a new home.

Always decisive, she was a little scrap of a Bedlington-cross Lurcher, who consented to come and live in Gloucestershire, gracing us with fun, laughter, accidents and endless entertainment.

She is the inspiration for this book: a story not only about her life, but that of many other magical animals and birds the author has known.

This is not only the story of her rescue and redemption, but that of her owner too and how a Google Search changed our lives forever.

The premium paperback edition of the book was published in March 2019 and is exclusively available through Amazon worldwide.


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