Primitive Tribes - On The Wilder Shores Of Life

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On The Wilder Shores Of Life is the autobiography of renown anthropologist Professor Christopher Hallpike. The book tells a gripping account of Hallpike's time with the primitive tribes in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea in the 1960s and 1970s.


About On The Wilder Shores Of Life

On The Wilder Shores Of Life: Living With Primitive Tribes is the rip-roaring autobiography of renown anthropologist, Professor Christopher Hallpike. The book recounts the observations of life, adventures and privations of living with primitive tribes in some of the world's most remote places. Specifically, Hallpike spent two years with the Konso people in a remote corner of Haile Selassie's Ethiopia in the 1960s and with the savage Tauade people in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.

The Konso of Ethiopia

Whilst studying PPE at the University of Oxford, Christopher Hallpike found himself bored and longing for adventure and the study of primitive tribes and societies. He was far more interested in witch doctors, tribal feuding and warfare, as well as blood-sacrifice, cannibalism, magic and evil spirits.

Influenced by the great explorer, Wilfred Thesiger, Hallpike left for Ethiopia in 1965 to spend two gruelling years with the Konso tribe in remote southern Ethiopia.

The Tauade of Papua New Guinea

Following an eventful period in Canada's Nova Scotia, Professor Hallpike left for Papua New Guinea in the early 1970s to spend two years with the extravagantly violent Tauade tribe. The Tauade are a primitive tribe, whose members were, within living memory, cannibals. The Tauade people live in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea in a region as remote from civilisation as anywhere on earth.

Hallpike's experiences with the Tauade are truly hair-raising and are unimaginable to most people.

Combining Adventure With Anthropology

On The Wilder Shores Of Life is far from the traditional writings of an anthropologist. The book tells of Professor Hallpike's time with primitive tribes and is a masterpiece of adventure and anthropology rolled in to one!

This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in reading about adventure and danger in impossibly remote regions of the world, to academics interested in primitive tribes and societies.

However, be warned! On The Wilder Shores Of Life tells things as they were - blood, gore, privations and many disgusting deeds and behaviour from these fast disappearing primitive people. If you have politically-correct tendencies, or need trigger warnings, this book is not for you!


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