Violet Auricula Wall Clock - Cream Dial

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Our unique Violet Auricula Wall Clock is a 10in x 10in round wall-mounted clock. Available with a natural bamboo or black frame, the clock features a cream dial with a stunning reproduction of a vintage 18th Century watercolour painting of a violet Auricula in a terracotta pot. Perfect as a gift, or for your home or office.

Violet Auricula Wall Clock

When it comes to interior decor, wall clocks often take a backseat to larger, more attention-grabbing pieces. However, a well-chosen wall clock, such as our Violet Auricula Wall Clock can serve as a focal point that marries function with form in a unique and powerful way. Our Violet Auricula Wall Clock is a 10in x 10in clock, adorned with a high-quality reproduction of painting of a Auricula on a cream dial, offers precisely that blend.

Our Auricula wall clock has a sustainably produced bamboo frame, which is available in either natural bamboo, or in black. The face and hands of the clock are protected by crystal-clear Plexiglas, meaning the artwork and hands should remain clean and fresh-looking. The frame and Plexiglas can be given a gentle wipe as and when needed to remove any dust or dirt.

The Violet Auricula Wall Clock's artwork is carefully reproduced so that each brushstroke is visible, as in the original watercolour painting. The artwork will liven up the room in which you hang the clock  and will, no doubt, become a focal and talking point for your guests.

This wall clock is suited to pretty much any room in your home or office. The Auricula artwork is gentle and refined so it will suit any environment, modern or antique.

Don't forget to think of others as well - the Violet Auricula Wall Clock makes a fabulous gift - birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just to say "I love you"!

Violet Auricula Wall Clock Specifications

Our Violet Auricula Wall Clock is a round clock (10in x 10in / 25.5cm x 25.5cm), which features a reproduction of the beautiful vintage watercolour painting of a Auricula on its cream dial face. This clock is a statement piece, which will become a focal point of the room in which it hangs.

Using a dye sublimation print process, each bird clock is printed with a crisp and vibrant image of a Auricula. Its black arms are protected by a crystal-clear Plexiglas lens, which helps protect the cream dial clock face from damage and wear.

The rear of the Violet Auricula Wall Clock is where the time can be altered and a battery be inserted. A built-in rear hook is a key feature, so the clock is ready for hanging on your wall as soon as it arrives with you.

Our Auricula clock is available with either a natural bamboo, or a black frame. Whether the clock is for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room, it will be a joy to behold!

  1. Crisp colour reproduction on the clock face
  2. Natural bamboo frame
  3. Round cream clock face
  4. Available with a black or natural coloured frame
  5. Ready to hand on the wall
  6. Runs with 1 x AA battery (not included)

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Production & Delivery

From the point of order, the production of your Violet Auricula Wall Clock will take 4-5 working days. It will then be despatched via a tracked postal service, carefully packaged for safe delivery to you around 48 hours later.

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