The Main Characters

The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is a book full of all sorts of characters from across the spectrum of animal life. However, the two main characters in the book are the Lurchers, Ellie and Robbie.

Robbie the Lurcher

Robbie was Ellie's predecessor. He was a strawberry blonde Bedlington-cross Lurcher with impeccable manners and great kindness. Like Ellie, he too was a rescue Lurcher, coming from a rescue centre not far from where Pippa lived in The Forest of Dean in western Gloucestershire. The chapters about Robbie tell his story and his incredible feats of athleticism - and so much more!

Robbie The Lurcher Sitting Amongst Bluebells

Ellie the Lurcher

Robbie The Lurcher Sitting Amongst Bluebells

Ellie is another great character and the reason for this book being written. She is a Bedlingon-cross Lurcher of great beauty. When people meet her for the first time, the initial comment is usually "what beautiful eyes she has". She is blessed with film-star looks and a wonderful temperament. She loves humans, but is much more wary of her fellow canines!

Other Animals

Aside from Ellie and Robbie, there is a huge support cast of other animals, whose stories are related through the middle section of The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair. These characters include frogs, mice, bats, rats, cats, seagulls, piglets and many others. The stories will both amuse and entertain the reader.

Robbie The Lurcher Sitting Amongst Bluebells