Ellie White the Lurcher


Ellie White

The Girl with the Beautiful Eyes

Ellie White is a beautiful, bossy, bouncy and extremely clever Lurcher who takes over most of the bed, knows her rights and talks better English than any other dog around. But things were not always like that: Ellie’s human family split up when she was little and she was fostered, before a Google Search and Lurcher Link secured her a new home.

Always decisive, she was a little scrap of a Bedlington-cross Lurcher, who consented to come and live in Gloucestershire, gracing us with fun, laughter, accidents and endless entertainment. She also adores the beach on the Gower where she takes her holidays, as you can see.

She is the inspiration for this business: where we celebrate the best in life and being in the country and our great luck in living in one of the most glorious counties of England.

Ellie’s family motto is “Loyal Until Death”, whilst her personal one is “Everything is Possible”

Ellie’s Favourite Things in Life
  • Favourite television: Sailing and equestrianism.
  • Hates: watching telly about other dogs; lack of entertainment.
  • Favourite food: currently pate, also ham and sausages and cheese.
  • Family motto: Loyal Until Death
  • Personal Motto: Everything is possible.

For more on Ellie, please visit www.booksaboutdogs.co.uk.