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Ellie White’s faux flower hatboxes are the perfect present for a friend, of loved one, as well as being a lovely arrangement. Being easily portable, our faux flower hatboxes can be moved from place-to-place around your home or workplace – wherever you admire it.

Each of our faux flower hatboxes matches our range of faux silk flower bunches and posies, so, if you so choose, you can have different arrangements of the same types of faux silk flowers to match your season’s colour ways. Roses are the main flowers in these hatboxes.

Our named faux flower Hatbox Collection consists of the Ellie, the Pippa, the Lydia, the Camilla, the Miranda, the Lydia and the Dakota. Each of them has a different colour arrangement and different berries or greenery nestled amongst the faux flowers to fit a different season or style of room.

As with all Ellie White’s faux flower arrangements, we have an unexpected surprise for you…! All of our arrangements are delicately scented with organic rose floral waters, so when you open your faux flower arrangement, the gentle scent of roses wafts out. It is amazing how this scent can trick the mind into convincing it that your faux flowers are real!

All of our hatboxes are made from stiff hatbox card and are covered with buckram to give a sense of luxury. They are available in either black buckram with a cream rim to the lid, or in cream buckram with a black rim to the lid. All are supplied with the Ellie White logo on the lid.

You can choose to have your faux flower hatbox arrangement in an 8″ diameter or a 9″ diameter hatbox. In addition, as a very special gift, the arrangement can be placed within a huge 15″ diameter black hatbox with cream rim around the lid. This 15″ hatbox can be used as a traditional hatbox, or to store other cherished items.

If you are looking for something more specific to your needs, please pick up the telephone and contact us to discuss what you are after. We can help you create bespoke arrangements of all sizes and colours, as well as for large events, weddings and parties.