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The faux silk flowers in Ellie White’s shop are available in hatbox arrangements, hand-tied bunches and posies, bouquets, zinc pots and planters.

Ellie White’s faux silk flowers are especially chosen for their realistic qualities, and will last you for years to come, if properly cared for. The range of flowers encompasses roses of many different types, colours and sizes, grape hyacinth (muscari), peonies, lavender, amongst many others.

The hatbox arrangements come in either 8″ or 9″ diameter and are made from the finest box card and covered with premium buckram to give the look of quality. Each box is filled with faux silk flowers and greenery.

The faux silk flower hand-tied bunches and posies, as well as the bouquets, use the same flowers and greenery as out hatbox arrangements, but are put together in bunches, which are tied so that they arrive with you as a complete arrangement ready to be gently placed in a vase or urn. The bunches can, of course, also be rearranged at home by you into the style you want.

The zinc pot arrangements also use our faux silk flowers and greenery. They are more artisan and informal in their look, perfect for a kitchen, garden room or bathroom.

Our Limited Editions are one-off special creations, such as arrangements of faux silk flowers in crystal vases or bowls. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Alternatively, we will from time to time have Clearance items which are end-of-line items and discontinued ranges.

You may be surprised to know that all Ellie White’s faux flower arrangements, come with an unexpected twist for you…! Every arrangement is scented with wonderful organic rose floral waters, so when you open your faux flower arrangement, the lifting scent of roses rises up from the faux flowers. It is amazing how this scent can trick the mind into convincing it that your faux flowers are real!

As well as our standard range, here at Ellie White, we offer a fully bespoke and one-off service. If you have a special requirement, from a specific arrangement, right up to a wedding or corporate event, please contact us to quote you and help you plan to bring your creation to life.

In addition to our faux silk flowers, we have a range of cards, which are suitable for all occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, greetings and even a simple thank you