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Hand-Tied Bunches

Lydia Hand-TiedOur faux flower stems are of the finest quality we have found on the market. They are so life-like that it is not unknown for people to think a real flower placed next to our silk flowers is actually the fake one! We also have customers who have discovered that their husband or Help have watered the arrangements......

The faux flower stems are the same ones we use in our hatbox and hand-tied arrangements.

Vintage Sheet Music

Sheet MusicMusic can be as pleasurable for the eyes as for the ears! Sheet music is an excellent crafting material to use to create decorations for the home.

The cadences of the notes on the sheet of music can help bring life to a silk flower arrangement, a Christmas wreath or even a Christmas tree. Rolled up to create a cone or trumpet shape, they can be tied to the tree or wreath with beautiful ribbon to give a dramatic effect.

Some people prefer to just frame the music, or use if for origami or wrapping small presents.

You can buy sheets of music in packs of 10 sheets, from our shop. All of the sheet music we offer you is old, classical scores, which give the patina of age and depth.


Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund Card 2017

Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund Card 2017

Why not send a card with your flower arrangement? We have a selection of cards available for you to buy as well.

The angel shown on the Angel Card appeared from within one of Pippa's abstract oil paintings. It is a magical card, which is particularly popular at Christmas time and for birthdays.

We are proud to stock The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund's two cards. These cards were commissioned to promote and help support the project to restore this Georgian church. Why not have a look at The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund's website to see the hidden gems within the church and to catch up on the progress of the restoration?