A Hellebore, Fritillary, Muscari and Catkin Faux Flower Arrangements


Winter to Spring

A Hellebore, Fritillary, Muscari and Catkin Faux Flower ArrangementsWith the festive season over and the darkest days of mid-winter past us, it is time to look forward to Spring and the signs of new life sprouting up through the frosty earth. The first flowers slowly start to show themselves. However, the flowers are not yet ready for picking and placing on display.

This is where faux silk flowers come into their own. Ellie White's arrangements of fritillaries, hellebores, snowdrops and other winter and early Spring flowers. Beautifully arranged in country baskets, or in glass bowls, or as bunches for you to place in your favourite vase, these faux blooms help to liven up every room in your home through the barren months of winter.

Coming soon to Ellie White's shop is a brand-new range of winter-spring silk flower arrangements. Keep an eye on our shop to be one of the first to order one of our winter faux flower creations.


Victoria Red Rose Advent WreathThe great celebration of Christmas and the Winter Solstace is on the horizon. In the throes of Mid-winter, the lights will blaze, the silver will gleam, the flowers will bloom and the fire will spit and hiss and warm our cold hands and bring joy to our hearts. And outside…well no one puts it better than T S Eliot:

“Midwinter Spring is its’ own season,...
When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire,
The brief sun flames the ice…
…a bloom more sudden than that of Summer.”
Little Gidding.

Victoria Zinc Pot


A charming medium red rose arrangement in our Scottish theme, with deep green foliage and simple rustic zinc pot. This colour scheme is also available in a faux flower hatbox or as a table-centre - or a bespoke Christmas theme, as you can see from the Christmas inspiration.

It is easy to add a candle to this for the seasonal supper table. It is finished with a little Mackenzie tartan bow to add that Highland touch.

Araminta Hatbox


This is a seasonal limited edition, featuring the Narnia look of frosted roses and white peonies nestling amongst icy pine fronds and winter rosemary. It is the frozen look where it is always winter but the signature scent of roses still lingers on the faux flowers, reminding us of the far off summer days whilst enjoying the delicacy of the icy blooms. This has a candle which can be replaced with another flower when the candle is finished or no longer required; this is supplied with the arrangement.

Any of the above can be ordered as a bespoke project and customised; please contact us for details.

All of our designs are offered also as Hand-tied Bouquets so that you can enjoy creating your own arrangements in a container of your choice. Please also see The Edit for the raw materials should you want to customise your own order.