Bespoke Lily, Berry and Roses Arrangement


Bespoke Lily, Berry and Roses ArrangementHere at Ellie White we are proud our bespoke faux flowers, customised creations for the customers who want to explore beyond our standard range of hatbox and hand-tied bunch arrangements. Whether it is a wedding, special party, or your rooms needing a fresh new look, we look forward to hearing from you to help you put together your vision in bespoke faux flowers.

The arrangement shown here is one of our small bespoke faux flowers arrangement, using pink roses and plenty of berries. The flowers and berries stand in a crystal vase which was specially sourced for this bespoke design.

Our bespoke faux flowers work includes everything from small arrangements, such as this one, through to large-scale projects, such as weddings, decorating houses for Advent and Christmas and corporate flower arrangements.

We work closely with our clients to provide the style and finish they have dreamed of. If extras, such as vases or urns need to be sourced, we can help with that as well.

Please contact us to discuss your  bespoke faux flowers ideas and we will help to price up the project to suit your budget.

Longevity of Faux-Flowers

Bespoke Arrangement From the Early 1990sBespoke faux-flowers are an investment, which is seldom wrong. So long as they are cared for and gently dusted once in a while, bespoke faux flowers can go on looking great indefinitely.

Many is the time that I have walked down a street in West London, or visited a friend in their country house, when I spot one of my bespoke faux-flower creations from more than 25 years ago! Pictured here is one of my arrangements from the early 1990s, whose picture a friend sent to me when she heard that I was starting up Ellie White. The flowers still look fresh and vibrant - a testament to the quality of faux-flowers which are well selected, and cared for in a loving home.