Ellie White's product and service range is extensive and covers most aspects of the faux flower business.


Our artificial silk flowers are sourced carefully to ensure the highest quality and realism of the finished product. Our silk flowers are available as hatbox arrangements, hand-tied bunches, faux flower bouquets, artificial posies and any other design you may wish to commission.

Hatbox Artificial Flower Arrangements

The silk flower hatbox arrangements use sturdy hatboxes covered with either black buckram with cream edges, or cream buckram with black edges. They come in either 8" or 9" diameter.

Silk Flower Hand-Tied Bunches and Bouquets

Ellie White's hand-tied silk flower bunches and faux flower bouquets are one of our core products. Bunches of flowers, foliage and berries are tied together with twine and ribbon, before being trimmed to size, and make the perfect gift, or are ready to be slipped into a vase for an instant arrangement.

Seasonal Faux Flowers

To complement our standard range of faux flowers, we also produce limited edition ranges of artificial flower arrangements to suit the season. White or red rose Christmas arrangements with fir sprigs and berries are popular throughout Advent and Christmas, whilst bolder colours such as amber, orange and yellow stand out at other times of the year, such as Harvest-time. Our seasonal collections look as if you have picked flowers straight from the garden.

Bespoke Commissions

One of our specialisms is in bespoke work. However small or large, bespoke flower arrangements are put together to your own style and vision.

Faux Wedding Flowers

Brides generally like either simple, but elegant flower arrangements for their big day, or like vast displays to really make people remember the day for the floral experience as well as the marriage itself.

At Ellie White we work with both real and faux flowers. Often a mixture of the two can be used to great effect. One of the absolute beauties of faux wedding flowers is that they will last for years and will not wither away like real flowers do. This means that the arrangements can be reused in your home after the wedding day and be a great reminder of that wonderful day. Faux wedding flowers also eliminate the bride's (and florist's) biggest nightmare - wilted or dead flowers through excessive heat or cold at the last minute! Call us to quote for your wedding flower arrangement.

Bespoke Faux Flower Commissions

Many of our clients want to go the extra step and have their own vision in flowers created for their own home, or important party. Much like with wedding flowers, Ellie White will work closely with the client to discuss what they would like to achieve, before putting together the bespoke faux flower creation. This could be large urns of faux flowers and foliage, or smaller, more discrete silk flower arrangements placed throughout the house. Many of our clients still have arrangements created by Pippa over 25 years ago in their drawing or dining rooms! Give us a telephone call to discuss how we can transform the look of your home with faux flowers.

Corporate Flowers

Another area Ellie White works in, is the corporate flower arranging business. Whether your company is hosting an important event, or if the corporate offices need brightening up, Ellie White's faux flowers will give you the image your business wants to portray. In the past, Pippa has worked with companies such as Fortnum & Mason, The Scotch House, David Linley, The General Trading Company, and many others to help them create stunning windows and interiors with faux flowers. Call us for more information as to how we can help you.