Lydia Faux Flower Hatbox

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Peach and cream roses tumble from this lush Lydia Faux Flower Hatbox assembly, together with eucalyptus, snowberries and deep wine coloured berries. A particularly pleasing contrast, the Lydia Faux Flower Hatbox arrangement is a very popular colour combination, which is especially well received as a present. The hand tied bunches are popular for their versatility.

The Lydia Faux Flower Hatbox flower arrangement sits in a round, buckram-clothed hat box.

For the added – and unexpected – surprise, our Lydia Faux Flower Hatbox arrangements are scented with organic rose floral water, giving the silk flowers a real rose scent.


Hatbox Sizes

Ellie White’s hatbox arrangements are available in hatboxes with a diameter of 8 inches or 9 inches.

Hatbox Colours

Our hatboxes are available in two colour schemes:

  • Black buckram with a cream rim to the lid.
  • Cream buckram with a black rim to the lid.

Gift Box

For the extra special finish, your choice of hatbox arrangement can be placed in a gift box.

Our gift boxes are 15 inch diameter, round, black buckram hatboxes with a cream rim to the lid. Your arrangement will be slipped into the 15 inch box ready to be received by you or your present’s recipient. The gift box can, of course, then be used for storage or whatever other purpose you choose!

Organic Rose Floral Water

Our rose hatbox arrangements are scented with organic rose floral water to give them a natural aroma, so making them look and smell as real as possible.