Fallen Angel by Alison Lingley

One Robin + One Tree + Two Cats = @#??!

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Robin in the Christmas TreeWhen I was a little girl and we were still in Bristol, my parents had quite a collection of Christmas ornaments, the traditional glass balls which the cats enjoyed shattering at any given opportunity, the angel, the multi-coloured lights which inevitably fused every single Christmas as lights always did in those days and so on. As was traditional then the Christmas Tree did not go up until just before Christmas Day right towards the end of Advent, and so was an event of huge excitement. My favourite decoration was a little, extremely realistic, Robin which was always placed near the top of the tree, as near to the angel as possible.

Two days before Christmas, just after we had finished decorating the tree, we all dressed up and went to the local Carol Service which was very exciting for we were allowed to stay up late for us and would have hot chocolate on our return home.

Well that was the plan anyway, the Carol Service was lovely, we did stay up late, we did have hot chocolate and open the pen-ultimate window on the advent calendar, but we also came home to a scene of utter carnage in the sitting room where the Christmas Tree was.

Fallen Angel

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Well, had been, to be more precise! The tree was lying down, the lights inevitably fused, the shiny glass baubles were for the most part shattered, the angel lying in a most undignified position, but worst of all was the Robin…

Which evidently in our absence had been murdered.

Poor wee thing, lying there with its bloodied breast and badly mangled feathers, looking even more real in this scene that it had done when it was perched high up on the tree.

My parents had the grace to laugh. Apparently the cats had been stalking the Robin since the tree was decorated, and clearly had taken the opportunity in our absence to commit a bit of bird murder by climbing the tree and killing the not so real bird! Imagine their shock, when the tree came down, the baubles shattered, the lights went out…

The Robin actually lived to grace the restored tree having been mauled, not killed, the glass ornaments were not so resilient, the angel was restored back on high, the lights relit, and though the tree was bare, order was restored. We found though two very frightened, though probably unrepentant, cats who had met their match at the top of the Christmas tree!

Our Christmas Tree here does not feature any Robins, nor our house any cats as Ellie and cats are an interesting combination at best, worrisome at worst, and I have had an aversion to glass baubles since that occasion. So here we have one of our Christmas themes: Victoria which features Red Roses and Scottish ribbon, dark green leaves and foliage and scrolled music to light up the tree. We also have a co-ordinating Door Wreath and Table Setting and Centre.

Oh I was wrong, a robin has just flown in!!!!

I like to pick a theme and develop it each year, though we usually have white or blue and gold and masses of little gold birds, music and foliage…Please do peruse our Christmas arrangements, and wreaths or garlands can be ordered by special request as we love creating personalised projects.

Please do follow us on Instagram or leave a comment; we always love to hear from you. Also send in your ideas too as Ellie loves to share! Just not with cats……

Christmas Tree With Lights

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