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Valentine’s Day

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Well it would appear that you have medieval England and Chaucer no less to thank for that expensive bunch of flowers and card that it appears the date February 14th warrants. Although there is a link with an ancient and somewhat permissive Roman feast and certainly St. Valentine himself it seems to be more an invention of courtly love, endorsed by the Duc s’Orleans, imprisoned in the tower, pounced upon by the Victorians and commercialised by Hallmark in America.


The Gate To Stumpy's Snowy Field

Of Evergreens, and Roses and Heavenly Beliefs

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Tonight, is really a big secret, for it is the REAL start of Christmas, not the 1st of Advent or the Holiday season but that season of suspension between the Winter Solstice, when the Yule Log is begun to be burnt and the Wild Hunt roams the midnight forest, and Christmas Day and its apotheosis – Epiphany and the arrival …