Fallen Angel by Alison Lingley

One Robin + One Tree + Two Cats = @#??!

Pippa and Ellie Christmas Leave a Comment

When I was a little girl and we were still in Bristol, my parents had quite a collection of Christmas ornaments, the traditional glass balls which the cats enjoyed shattering at any given opportunity, the angel, the multi-coloured lights which inevitably fused every single Christmas as lights always did in those days and so on. As was traditional then the Christmas Tree did not go up until just before Christmas Day right towards the end of Advent, and so was an event of huge excitement. My favourite decoration was a little, extremely realistic, Robin which was always placed near the top of the tree, as near to the angel as possible.

Two days before Christmas, just after we had finished decorating the tree, we all dressed up and went to the local Carol Service which was very exciting for we were allowed to stay up late for us and would have hot chocolate on our return home.

Well that was the plan anyway,…