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After Remembrance Sunday I find my thoughts start to focus on Christmas, but when I lived in America, of course Thanksgiving was the big feast on the horizon.

There is an interesting relationship between the two Festivals in Canada where the proximity of the Armistice to Thanksgiving on November 6th prompted the Canadians to move Thanksgiving to the 2nd Sunday in October, which is closer to our own Harvest Festivals. Indeed, it appears that the first Thanksgivings in the now United States occurred after the safe arrival of 38 settlers at Berkeley Hundred, Virginia as dictated by the group’s charter from The London Company. (Set up by James I for the specific goal of colonising the Americas.)…..


Victoria Advent Candle Wreath

The Holiday Season

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Does the idea of that time of year that the Americans call “The Holiday Season” excite you? Does your mind tingle when Halloween is past and November creeps in with All Saints and All Souls and soon our minds turn toward our most central Festive Feast: Christmas? The decorations, the tree, the wreath, the choosing and wrapping of presents, the writing of cards, the sharing with others of the year, good or bad? The table setting, the stairs, the hall, the door…to say nothing of the church…..