Bespoke Flowers

Bespoke Flower Arrangements

Ellie White designs and creates bespoke flower arrangements for private clients, businesses and events. With our bespoke flower arrangements, we create discuss your requirements, before sourcing the flowers and putting together the bespoke arrangements.

Bespoke flower arrangements can be of any size, complexity or style - we aim to produce the floral look that you want.

Many of our private clients look for special flower arrangements to suit the decoration of a particular room of their house. Alternatively, we may be asked to create a spectacular Christmas decoration in their home, which can involve decorating a Christmas tree and adorning pictures and ornaments with floral designs.

Businesses tend to request large bespoke flower arrangements to be a focal point for their party, conference or event. Whatever the requirements, we work with you to put together the result you are looking for.

Bespoke Flower Arrangements With Fresh Flowers

Bespoke flower arrangements using fresh flowers can be created at any time of year, using blooms directly from the flower market. Fresh flower arrangements will vary from season to season, depending upon which flowers are in season and available to order. Where needed, we will help advise you which combinations of flowers are ideal for your display, so that you have the best results.

Bespoke Flower Arrangements With Faux Flowers

At Ellie White, we are specialists with bespoke faux flower arrangements. Faux flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers and have the added benefit that the arrangements will not wilt and die. Faux flower arrangements, using silk flowers or parchment flowers are ideal for people looking for a bespoke flower arrangement, which will be on display for the long-term. We have clients who still display faux flower arrangements we created for them over 25 years ago!

Arranging faux flowers is a specialism which is different to using fresh flowers. Showing off silk flowers at their best requires a special knack. We often combine faux flowers with real foliage, such as ivy trails, laurel sprigs and green oak to create a stunning result, which will make a great impression upon your guests.

To find out more, get in contact with us for a free discussion or quotation.

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Bespoke Flower Arrangements
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